Saturday, January 17, 2015

dc toast

this weeks drawing challenge is all about 'toast',
a great theme chosen by Veronica, you can find the names 
of all the participants at her place.

enjoy your weekend


  1. Ha! Love this to the max Renilde. Let them eat toast! That would have been the much more politically correct, and yummier, option for Marie Antoinette, wouldn't it have? Love the bespoke toast holders for the hands which will not get buttery. :D Thank you so much for playing along. Big hugs. x

  2. Great, this makes toast as two masks! He looks like he's never seen that before.

  3. so great!! love this painting - the little subtleties like the birds in the hair and the holder for the toast too.
    :-) mano

  4. i love toast....tea and toast....and art!!!

  5. Love this painting Renilde! Toasting each other with their toast.

  6. ;^))))
    soooo glad you are here again
    with your wonderful way of interpretation
    the toast so delicate on the holders
    to eat or are the masks ?
    the way they look
    the litlle color
    yes, love!

  7. Beautiful and somewhat intriguing drawing:) What are their plans? Are they going to eat the toasts or are they challenging each other? - eric

  8. so much fun
    inspires a smile
    and a wonderful drawing

  9. Very fancy Renilde! this is a very sweet painting- I really like how minimal the color is and the expressions on their faces are priceless :)- makes me really wonder what their up to

  10. What a great drawing. Toast on a stick! I love it!

  11. painted toasts, I am happy you did it
    what a fantastic scene
    x Stefanie

  12. Ha, this makes me laugh and smile and happy and everything... Great Idea and Painting. Tank you.

  13. I like how you turned simply toast in a very new and special story by adding unusal surroundings.
    barbara bee

  14. mhmmm love the sparse colouring and the meaningfulness, seduced by toast! aw, makes me almost long to watch an antoinette-style movie.... n♥
    ps - so happy you liked my toast crumbs. just like you to perceive the unexpected. cheers.