Saturday, January 18, 2014

dc numen

up 'till now we are having a mild winter here,
but last week we had some frost,
a thin layer of ice on water, on glass,
on the landscape, changing  colors and mood,
air that bites your face, your lungs,
slippery paths.
cold, smooth, tingling, pricking, freezing,
the numen of frost

 Tammie Lee presented us with a fantasitic theme this week,
please visit her lovely blog and se where she and the other participants  discovered 'numen'

have a beautiful weekend


  1. love how you found your inspiration
    i find myself looking at the colors
    then details
    finding a fox
    then a bird
    colors that i enjoy
    a wonderful painting
    thank you ~

  2. I think that inspires me more the frost Numen, that the heat Numen that I'm living in my South American summer. I really consider myself a person who "works" better with low temperatures.
    This painting is wonderful, Renilde, as always. you are surrounded by an inspiring numen! :)

  3. i'll bet you it was that here too, and i loved every sight of it. if this is the closest we get to snow, frost will make me happy too. and you've captured it well, both in words and image. i am smitten by that tiny fox there, and the lines, of the pale lines...!
    i'm glad you're into greens. winter greens are just so cool (i think i mean that literal and abstract).

  4. Ah Renilde we can always count on you to bring in some magic! :)
    This piece really speaks about the delicacy of that quiet cold that creeps in changing the world around us- making it tighter somehow.
    The colors are wonderful and I really love the quality of your lines- beautifully done :)

  5. Renilde the wolf has come to play. It looks very playful in any event. Those lines (the frost lines) are all moving to me. The images are alive, vital, energized. Maybe the wolf spirit feels that too and is called to its' energy. Even her hair is moving. The life force of nunmen. So beautiful. Norma, xo
    p.s. maybe the wolf is a fox. Regardless, it is wild and a heart beat in the natural and wild realm.
    p.p.s. I have a story about a very GREEN crystal that I will tell if we have a challenge with the crystal theme! *smiles*

  6. Renilde, I always love the way you draw me into the details of your painting and surprise me with the final reveal. My mother told us of Jack Frost, who painted the windows with crystals and diamond patterns. This painting captures that spirit.
    xxoo, sus

  7. OOOh very magical! Love the soft colors, really nice! I wish we had some more frost before spring captured that feeling very well, the thin layer, wonderful!

  8. Fell in love with the fox at once! And those frosty colours...magic...I can even feel the cold, even it's not really frosty here at all! Wonderful frozen landscape, maybe behind a freezed up window, steamy breath...beautiful winter numen!

  9. Hi Renilde, I aways love how your art instantly draws me IN to explore and seek and find magic everywhere..I just spotted the fox! beautiful! I love the soft color palette and especially the overlay of lines etched everywhere in all kinds of directions...almost as though I am looking through ice or frost or thin veil of intricate lines..stunning! You paint the soulful-magic of the many dreamworlds!
    Hug and Much joy in 2014 to you!

  10. Hi Renilde, I love the texture in your painting. That's something I sometimes miss and for this challenge you've achieved a beautiful ethereal quality. Nicely done. :)

  11. Your words sound like the reality we've had since the end of October!!! There is so much to look at in your drawings and I love the colours! They certainly are representative of a winter palette! Nice to meet you!

  12. I keep coming back to these images, inspecting the angles and colors and elements. So fabulous!

  13. the numen of frost... I really love that. and the white lines over your painting, very attractive, those colors, how the face is "melting" into the landscape...
    x Stefanie

  14. Hello Renilde, I see a major developement in your painting and one can nearly feel the frosty Numen been presented in this artwork.
    xo Barbara Bee

  15. I'm not sure what 'numen' means, but this painting is wonderful!