Saturday, January 25, 2014

dc diamond

wonderful Norma came up with the theme 'diamond '
i was so enchanted with the green color of the 'diamond' she found .
so 'green' almost took over.

green, pigs and diamonds...maybe not an obvious association but:

in my head were images from a documentary i saw quite a while ago,
it was about a man and his pig that was trained to search for truffles in the woods somewhere in France.

the beautiful green light in that peaceful wood, the mossy trees and than that pig softly oinking and poking....

the truffles were sold for high prices and served the next day in
fancy restaurants to people in fine designer outfits wearing splendid jewelery  and sparkling 

please do visit Norma's lovely blog and see more shiny stones,

have a beautiful weekend


  1. Haha, lovely, funny and magical! Dear little pig, show me the way to the diamonds, please!

  2. after reading your post, i think, also: truffles are as good as diamonds... precious and rare, diamond of the woods ;-)

    such a wonderful painting, it looks a bit like where i live, but i have different kinds of crystals, no truffles found yet.

  3. If you and I, dear Renilde, were sitting in a cafe somewhere, and you pulled out your latest drawing and then talked about oinking pigs I think I might have peed my pants (sorry for the 'too much information') right there in the restaurant, but really, I sat here laughing and laughing (and did not pee anything, thankfully.) It really tickled my funny bone. Love this. I'd like to live in those woods with a pig. Especially one who finds emeralds. Especially one of those kind of pigs for sure. I'd want the cabin to have a big wood burning fireplace though. Otherwise I wouldn't be happy there. Your art makes my heart sing today. Thank you Renilde so much!!! Norma, xo :D

  4. Dear Renilde,
    at your last dc post you show us the numen of frost and now it is freezing. Love your fine lines of ice and the cold-warm contrast of the colours.
    And now, here are soft greens in the air, wonderful mossy trees and: a oinking and poking pig... green sparkling diamonds laying on soft cushions of forest floor, wonderful, fantastic. Simply great.
    I enjoy the cold now, but I look forward for Spring.

    xo Ariane.

  5. This is great, Renilde; I like it precisely because of the unusual associations. It's intriguing, and makes me think. At first I thought maybe you were making an allusion to casting your diamonds before swine! ;)

  6. Excellent Renilde! What good partnership you have done! Diamonds-Truffles!
    Your art, as always, spectacular!
    Good Sunday to you! I congratulate you!
    (came to my mind the song Savoy Truffle by The Beatles) Ha Ha! :)

  7. I love the combination, very fun and clever!
    x Stefanie

  8. ;^))
    i love your interprettion of the theme
    oh yeah! truffels are diamonds
    for some ;^))
    i can hear the pig oinking, ha!


  9. A lovely creative picture, I love those greens! :)
    Jess x

  10. A wonderful illustration of a very interesting train of thought, Renilde!
    xxoo, sus

  11. A very tempting painting again, I like the fine lines combined with the circles with the green crystals and the truffel pig, for me it seems like you always invent new fairy tales like the brothers grimm. Instead of red riding hood is the pig with his magical crystals. Love it!
    Barbara bee

  12. You know I think I heard that story some time ago- at least it came to mind as soon as I saw your painting- there is something so wonderful in a symbiotic relationship between people and animals- that is as precious as a gem :)

  13. I'm in love with your trufflecrystalpicture!! oink, oink ♥!

  14. the sparkle doesn't just pop off your drawing, it's in your words, in your imagination, in connexions. that rare truffle (that i hate, but that doesn't matter), it sure is a gem for those who favour it.
    your trees are to die for. that's my kinda forest, as much from reality as from fairy tales.

  15. it looks like something in a fairy tale and well, truffles are gems too :)