Saturday, March 9, 2013

dc moon

Sweet Patrice presented us with  'moon',
a theme that brought me so much  'images' i could hardly concentrate on one,
(or was it the moon herself playing a part in this doubt and hesitation)

being outside at night i always look up to see the moon,
searching her on cloudy nights,
meeting her full face once a month, a good feeling,
on the one hand very enchanting, on the other hand ,putting me with both feet on the ground (earth)

even two year old grandson stands at the window ,
'maan' he says , pointing with his little finger.

one wonders why it took us so long to get to this theme,
 but her we are, drawing challenge nr.95,  moon,

to bathe in moonlight
please have a look at Patrice's beautiful place,

have a lovely weekend


  1. sweet Renilde,

    your words so true
    like you I always search for her sweet face
    wich grounds me also
    your first painting one for that children's book
    you once will make ;^))
    the second one a beauty
    all her faces, great!
    and that last image, gave me a big smile!!

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  2. I love the light in the first painting, you did really catch the moonlight.
    These ladies are fascinating, too. And the one in the middle, wow what a face!
    In german the moon is male, isn´t it strange? I never understood. She is female!
    Yes, I was thinking, too: Has this theme never been before?!?
    x Stefanie

  3. oh, that sounds wonderful 'meeting her full face once a month'. I like your moon face.

    greetings from Nelleke

  4. Even if a moon-face isn't quite a compliment usually, I still love yours!
    And those moon-phases as different persons...great paintings, all of them!

  5. I love your works and the words you wrote! and of course I like the first painting especially bdcause of the rabbit;-) and the one with the face is beautiful, of course she's a woman! very nice!

  6. Wonderful wonderful paintings! I especially love the women with the different moon phases faces. I too love the look for the moon, and remind myself that she is the same one being looked at no matter where you are in the world.

  7. So deeply beautiful Renilde..I always feel charged with life when I visit here..gazing at your heart feels awake and my soul is sparked! I love your moon creations..all gorgeous seeds of metaphor and magic and dreams and creation...beautiful! The first is very entrancing..the colors pull at me! and I especially love the moon-faced-women-phases of the moon..brilliant!!
    Happy March and soon to be Spring!!

  8. Renilde, you paint the female moon beautifully. Most Canadians speak of the moon as being male but your female interpretation makes more sense! Thank you. Love the bunny too, of course. xo Carole

  9. Beautiful images as always, Renilde, but my favorite is the first, the sleepwalker and the watching rabbit - much magic in the moonlight here. xxoo, sus

  10. So true what you told about the moon, fascinating and so many ideas thats hard to choose which one to realise - I love the little rabbit starring at that woman - wonderful.

    1. your moon lady and your words are wonderful. thank you for this fascinating post! :)) mano

  11. The moonlight in the first picture is almost hypnotic! You've caught the cold, night air perfectly and I love the hare!

  12. Renilde, I love the moon lady in the middle picture - what a charming post. ha ve nice week x Leena

  13. Renilde, your series of moon inspired paintings is very cool "maaan." I love the one with the four figures, especially lovely! Also I am not sue why you are having trouble posting to my blog. there is a visual key you must retype ("to prove you are not a robot") perhaps this is the trouble. Other's have had issue too in the past. Harumph, well I will investigate!

  14. moon and the hare! perfect!

  15. Dear Renilde,
    first of all I wanna thank you for your poetic, wonderful words at my moon. You've brighten night and day... thank you very much!

    Even here... that moonlight... wonderful. You've painted it so pretty on the face of the hare... and he's got a shadow while looking at the somnambulist!
    The picture in the middle... is it a print? Fantastic, silent la luna.

    Your luna ladies showing different stages and holding delicate beautiful... reminds me on Malevich AND Chagall... what a wonderful liaison.

    xo Ariane.

  16. Oh, and grandson's "maan"
    just heart warming...

    x A.

  17. love the the second... no the third painting the best...I can see why you had a hard time choosing an image when you could work with them all :)
    very inspiring!

  18. The moon speaks to you dear Renilde! Great post.xx

  19. yes, exactly; i actually thought we'd had the moon already, turned out i'd slipped it in before, because i couldn't keep myself, no doubt...

    clever images! but i do like the quirk in the last one, the four phases.
    those ladies are so, erm, snappy!

  20. The moon seems a very fitting theme for you! You paint in that dreamy way. I love your phases in the ladies as well!
    Have a great day!
    My moon is up!

  21. Renilde, all three of these are truly inspired, as well as inspirational! I hope you won't mind that I pinned them; if so, just let me know so I can take them down. I so believe your work should be recognized and enjoyed by many people. Magical!