Friday, March 15, 2013

untitled but with hope

this may not be the happiest of posts but i place it anyway;
sometimes my thoughts go out to the children living in 'war zones',
and i mean all places and situations where it's hard to grow up,
very distorted circumstances which leave their marks forever.

making this collage i noticed i used rather light colors for such a heavy theme;
yes there are the stains and the 'written history'  that can't be erased,
the asking eyes and hands, there might even be blood on the toy,
but there is also hope, blank pages that could be filled with happy words,
butterfly ; more hope and transformation and... color, 

i'm trying to give myself some hope here i guess, a kind of comfort,
a wish and a call for compassion and human responsibility.


  1. thank you for the emazing collage and this post! without seeing hope in all that suffering it would be unable to go further.
    have a good weekend!

  2. el arte también tiene expresión fuera de la belleza. debe tenerla.

  3. Such a masterful collage, so lovely to look at, and full of heartfelt emotion. It does communicate a feeling of hope; thank you for sharing it.