Saturday, March 23, 2013

dc egg

what are you brooding on

egg Magritte

(just playing)

egg road

dear Norma , the queen of adorable birds, presented us with
a theme of (seemingly) endless possibillities ,
the egg form and patterns, so perfect,
the literal and figurative content,

 egg time is coming on this side of the world :)

please have a look at 'our world of eggs',
the names of the other players you can find on Norma's blog,

have a fine weekend


  1. great great great!
    yes I agree there are so many possibilities. such a rich post here at your place! I love the (just playing). And your header is fascinating, too.
    x Stefanie

  2. i'm still a child at heart
    i love the possibility of egg art
    these you have shone
    are not set in stone
    rather fluid to share Easter egg art
    painting eggs is a favorite holiday treat
    if hidden and found a delightful feat

    Easter eggs, Easter Basket, Bunnies and, love, love

    It is almost Easter here too!

    good job and fun art.

  3. ;^)))
    i just love your imagination
    thoese egg-heads!
    beautiful colors
    and the expression
    great work!!

    Patrice A.

  4. what a fascinating painting with the egg heads!! what I'm brooding?? oh, I think about my new box - sorry, I must go to my studio...
    love your new header! :)) mano

  5. Your painting is stunning and so thought provoking, Renilde. It offers so many possibilities and questions. Spring eggs will be here soon too. Yay!!! xo Carole

  6. So brilliant Renilde. Every work so different, complex yet simple and stunning. I like the layering both literal and figurative. I'll be back to STUDY these for sure. I bet they look amazing in person. I am especially taken by the first painting. Gorgeous!!! N, xo

  7. Lovely, delicate and surreal! x Leena

  8. ha ha ha.. egg heads, babe, and aren't they adorable... and so recognizable too. aren't we the brooding kind, as much so as hens...
    thxs for stopping by twice, renilde.. i made you do that, didn't i? ;)))
    ps - and you got me on a title here too.
    'egg road'?
    woe, yeah!

  9. I love the egg heads! A bit scary as well but wonderful imagination! Great how you played so much with the egg theme!

  10. I like your egg head with feet in 'just playing' :-) Nice how all the colors in the first five photos match so beautiful together!

  11. Oh yes, this egg - heads. i have to smile. Why i haven`t this idea. Wonderful. You've put this issue very great. Really great art.
    XD Petra

  12. Dear Renilde always a treasure what you're coming up with every theme given to you - wonderful interpretation and I also love those eggs on moss and all the different eggs. Wonderful.

  13. love your walking egg Renilde!

    Happy Easter to you : )

  14. wonderfully surreal! I love it...and such a great collection you have here, I'm quite jealous ;)

  15. Dear, Renilde, I think your head is crazy, Ha Ha
    but crazy in a good way
    only you can imagine these things.
    still crazy, please! :)))

  16. Ha, I love your crazy and quirky way of seeing things!
    Look at that walking egg, its road right below...great diversity!

  17. I agree with Friend Kristen, marvelous Surrealism, Renilde, with your own spin of course. Great images! Happy Easter, sus

  18. Wonderful images, especially the figures with chick heads. A wonderful capture, too, of all those various and colorful eggs at the end of your post. Cindi