Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty, pretty columbine

At the moment clouds of columbines (from the latin word for pigeon, columba) are dancing all over the garden. Very lively flowers,  wrinkling and curling and unfolding into real beauties.
Botanical name : Aquilegia,  from the latin word for eagle, aquila ; the shape of the flower petals are said to resemble an eagle's claw.  That may be so, but in my garden pretty doves are having a ball.
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  1. There's another name in England for this: "Granny's Bonnet". You can see why! We have a dusky pink-red version of this that has self-seeded between the paving stones in our courtyard - so pretty.

  2. dear renilde, i admire you so very much! your artwork and your garden,
    the garden is art too, WOW! oh and the little baby feet in the bath-bucket made me cry.... my babies are all so very grown up now... love, julia

  3. Wat heb je een heerlijke, fantastische tuin renilde. Geniet van het weekend!

  4. gosh, so many flowers already.

  5. Lovely, lovely garden, a touch of joy in my day.

    Thank you. :)

  6. I didn't know that Deborah, the english plant names are always funny and well chosen. Years ago I have planted a few of these plants. They crossed and self-seeded and now there are columbines in so many different shades of purple, violet and pink.
    I love plants that 'walk' through the garden.

    Oh sweet Julia thanks for your heart-warming comment and yes it is so great to have that little one around. He is so cute and small as he is,he evokes big emotions. I don' have any children of my own but life has been so kind to me to bring a wonderful step-daughter in my life many years ago and now a wonderful grandson.

    Dank je Monica, thanks Dorte and Sandi, as that garden is such a great inspiration to me I have to put these photos on my blog. Although I don't often paint flowers their colours and form, the ever changing mood in the garden, the birds and insects, it all finds its way into my work.

  7. Renilde,
    is a gorgeous and magical garden!!!

  8. these are one of my favourite flowers..such gentleness and strength together in one. i've never seen them in such abundance as this..great pics. love the pink ones xx