Sunday, October 24, 2010

Late October

Very early in the morning,still dark, laying in my bed I heard the chattering of wild geese on their migration. They make rather  a lot of noise, it sounds as if they are happy, excited. It felt good to hear them, an ancient sound, an autumn sound. I imagined how it would be like  to fly with them and fell asleep again. 

Mornings, misty, fresh cold air when I open the door. That scent of wet leaves and earth and a late October bouquet make me feel peacefull, I take a deep breath and enjoy that I'm alive.
And the happy pelargonium still flowering....

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  1. Such beautiful photos and the flight of the geese must be wonderful to see or hear. I would love to experience it. Nature's magic show in your post, thank you.

  2. This post gave me such a warm feeling. By the way, you've made some changes to the appearance of your blog? I like them.

  3. Thank you Marilyn and yes nature's magic is all around us ,we only have to look and listen,haven't we.
    I'm glad you like it Gabriella,some change can be good now and then, thanks for your sweet comment.