Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My work-table

Drawings and sketches on my work-table. I started some acryl painting too which I'll show you later. Too much images in my head and not enough time at the moment to draw and paint, sometimes a little frustrating.But we will keep calm and carry on....
October weather still mild, a piece of good luck as I  prefer to work with windows and doors open .

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  1. Oh thank you, I love this viewing of your work table and your art in progress. I especially love the first painting.

  2. I also love seeing the behind the scenes view of the artist's workspace! Thank you for sharing this, and of course, your drawings and sketches are marvelous, even when you say you have so little time to give them - your original style shines through! Enjoy the open windows while you can...it is so chilly and wet here everything is closed tight today, so I envy you the mild conditions!

  3. I just love this post so much - your work is so original and beautiful !

  4. Thank you Marilyn,I love the photoos of other artists work-tables too but always forget to take a picture of mine,I'll think of it more often.
    Hello Gabriella(beautiful name) thanks for your nice words,really encouraging. Wish you some sunny October days!
    And welcome to you Naomi, glad you liked it.

  5. je werktafel ziet er zalig uit; juste zoals ze eruit mooet zien....