Thursday, September 2, 2010

One night I dreamt of a white horse 2

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  1. I love your artwork Renilde.. Do you have an on line shop??

  2. hello, Renilde. Thanks for your comment.
    I see you are very productive. Upload your works to your blog often. congratulations. You are an artist who produces works of very high level!

  3. I would love to see in your minds eye as you produce such great pieces.

  4. Thanks Aysegul,no I don't have an online shop,but it might be a good idea to start one,as soon as I have the time to sort it all out.
    In fact I'm not a good manager when it comes to my own work,it has taken me many,many years to be satisfied with what I made.Over the last years I've had a few shows and reactions were great.
    I guess it's every artist's dream to be able to make a living out of his or hers work,but one has to believe in it first.
    And I could't believe as long as I was not satisfied with what I made. Things are turning,slowly.
    Making art has been a way of living to me,my work reflects my emotions and thoughts and often images turn up out of the subconscious.

    Thanks R?qué? you're to kind.

    And thanks to you Marilyn for your ever lovely comments.