Thursday, September 9, 2010

She who loves roses.

I made 'She who loves roses' from leftovers,bits and pieces.
Her looks will change and be affected by all kinds of
weather,spiders and insects,but she will always
love roses......

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  1. This is wonderful, but then so are all your pieces... Love it!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I guess you could call it evolving art or does it have a name, this process of change? I've seen deconstructed journals made this way.

    I like my outdoor sculptures, the way they change with moss and bugs and frost chipping away at them :D

  3. Greetings and thank you for following my blog! I already very much like what I see here on yours and will follow you too now. Best to you!

  4. Hello Yarrow,you could call it evolving art I suppose.
    I'm sure someone did something like this before and someone has given it a name....:)
    I'm curious how it's going to look during the coming seasons and time and take some pictures of it.
    Welcome Gabriella,I enjoyed visiting your blog too ,I love poetry.