Saturday, August 31, 2013

dc order and chaos

some thoughts;

we like order
what's order to you is chaos to me
order brings us peace of mind
chaos stimulates my brain
order stimulates my brain
chaos stimulates creativity
order stimulates creativity
we look for patterns (order) in  chaos
(the other night i saw this BBC horizon documentary )
they seem to find patterns (order) in what looks like chaos

o boy,i can go on and on because this week again,
wonderful artist Barbara choose for a 'big' theme.

i rather like that butterfly effect...

please have a look at Barbara's place to find more chaos and order

beautiful weekend to you all


  1. Order and chaos. . . two halves of a whole. Two wolves that trap you between, Chaos and order. . . like child's play. Most definitely a puzzle! Cindi

  2. i did miss that documentary, so i'm really happy you've supplied us with the link, have already earmarked it. will love to watch it. the order of data... i have a friend working in data. it's a character trick, you know. ;)))

    you've painted us another story, there to puzzle with as well! how original! she may be dancing soon... with wolves...

  3. Dear Renilde, I really enjoy how you played with the seem, visually and mentally and its just great that you're coming up with pattern, because that its what it is and could be as well one of our next themes...
    Your drawing is very very nice, not forget to mentioned that!
    Thanks for playing along!

  4. such true words
    no order without chaos!
    and that drawing
    could ne Nadine! dancing with wolves ;^))

    have a fine weekend!
    Patrice A.

  5. A brilliant twist to the "puzzling" theme.

  6. i found it fun that you realize our individuality
    pieces of a puzzle scattered everywhere
    we can function without all the pieces, not as well though
    i believe the may pieces change if we pay attention
    looks like the woman may be taking photographs?
    i like chaos and calm......

    the butterfly

  7. Now that's a good one! I remember my great-grandfather puzzling huge puzzles and, as a little child, I was so fascinated how such a vast chaos could ever become the picture in front of the package. So many pieces looking nearly the same! But there was order in chaos, only one correct place for each piece, you just had to find it. And finally...they sum up to one large picture, all makes sense, tadaaa! And yes to all your thoughts as well!

  8. a puzzle - great idea for chaos and order. your painting is so beautiful, I hope you don't cut up the original...!
    and your words are so true! chaos AND order stimulates the creativity - strongly agree!
    :-) mano

  9. wonderful art!
    wonderful puzzle
    enjoyed your thoughts on chaos
    and order
    will peak at your link soon

    thank you

  10. Dear Renilde,
    patterns! of course, are a kind of order. And that you create a puzzle to show chaos and order is simply great! Do you show us even night and day in your beautiful, gentle painting? and I wonder about the red piece... I will move it in my mind and heart...

    xo Ariane.

  11. An introspective feel to your drawing, Renilde, which very much fits your words of this post. Fabulous wolves (Flossy says dogs) attending the pondering one...
    xxoo, sus

  12. Lovely work! As for talking about 'order', I had big plans for today, a list to keep me busy but events have taken me to another place, oh well! I suppose I'd better go with the flow! ;) xx

  13. My dear friend Renilde. you know I have said that the order does not exist. (and I still say) I said in another blog, that order is a very important word for a mere human can apply. I said order is almost divine.
    Do you think that when your magnificent painting is cut, like a puzzle, and the parts are joined, is that order? I think not.
    do not you think, that order has to do with accuracy? and humans are far from the accuracy?
    makes me happy to read that chaos stimulates your brain (I already knew it) and also your creativity (I already knew it)
    You always create magnificent visual chaos!
    I admire your art. :)))

  14. Dear Renilde, your thoughts of order and chaos are like mine, I do understand how we need both and a puzzle it is though:) Leena

  15. dear Roberto, i tried to illustrate the puzzling aspect of this theme.
    that when one's confronted with a puzzle (chaos) one tries to solve it and create something that feels like order.
    we search and try to get a kind of order in our small lives,on a personal level, in the big picture that is not order, i know.
    the red piece could be the butterfly aspect, we think we almost solved it and than there's something unexpected which changes everything again.

    the illustration itself; nature just is, continuing, surviving, changing and human asking questions, searching for meaning, for answers, searching for order or yes the divine.

    thanks my friend xx