Thursday, August 29, 2013

a different language

i haven't done much painting during my break, i was busy 
gardening, walking, visiting, observing, feeling, enjoying,
 and watching my grandson 's first watercolour attempts.
he loved it .


  1. Oh I love your painting! Lots and lots of birds and then the knight who seems to be scared or at least not knowing what is happening, haha!
    It is inspiring don't you think, to watch children draw...sometimes I wish I would still have this free kind of approach that children have...

  2. Me neither! I hope to get back into it again when the schools go back :) Your little grandson has a very good start as a life painting!xx

  3. That boy has grown. He is gorgeous with those curls. I adore the painting above. Your birds are the best! Nice to have you visit my blog. I'm working on being there more often...and here!

  4. So many wonderful and distinct birds!! I have often wondered about their "secret language"

    Looks like a real treat to be painting with that young boy! There is nothing like seeing the spontaneity of a child's imagination so inspiring and uplifting!

  5. Grand kids have a way of making everything special, including the distractions from our own painting times. Love all the birds. Is there a story to tell, Renilde?

  6. Renilde, you do everything right!
    I like this a lot, and I think you should do more artwork with this different "language" Excellent!

    Your grandson, a beauty, a future great artist, as his grandmother!!!

  7. Ah, I see that your grandson has at least a little bit of your talent! The distraction of grandchildren is a wonderful one. The artwork can wait a little bit. The children can not!!


  8. I love that look of concentration on his sweet. Love the art piece...such an interesting composition.