Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memories of a garden 5


  1. Memories of Garden 5 makes me want to visit there.

    The woman thrives on garden scents and foxglove beauty. She could stand in the doorway, gazing at her garden, for hours.

    Great share, stunning art!

    Thank you!

  2. love your painting!!!!
    i love her veil, i love her posture...
    i love the flowers through the window...

  3. me gusta el contraste de la pared con el verde

  4. Can you reveal what's written on her dress, Renilde? :) For some reason it seems very important.

  5. Thank you.

    Dear Olga, perhaps i should have written it in English but i spontaneously wrote it in Dutch i try to translate a bit

    Stepping outside, leaving behind what is of no importance
    And i would like to take you there. You will breathe a deep breath, you will....feel a strange peace, submerged by what you longed for.
    Though it will take you by surprise.
    The children come home and the children will remember.
    On soft summerdays, my love, nothing but scent and gentle rocking i see all the colours of your magnificent eyes. Bewitching desire. Making me feel so very alive.