Monday, May 16, 2011

Memories of a garden 4

So here is nr. 4 and a series is in the making, images keep coming. ...I named it 'Memories of a garden' because the garden I have now is in fact a collection, a collection of memories of many gardens. There were and are the gardens of my grandmother, mother and aunts (seem to be all woman who are keen gardeners in my family) that inspired me from childhood on. I played and wandered in those places, attracted by the colours and scents,the winding paths, the hidden corners , the gardengnooms, insects and birds. In my present garden many of the plants; lilacs, peonies, roses, hydrangeas were planted because I got to know them way back then. There are plants and trees I brought from the gardens I had before, well-loved presents from friends, gifts from other gardeners and the ones I bought because of their form or colour and sometimes because of their names; Guirlande d'amour, Purple prince, Ghislaine de Féligonde, Emerald gaiety, Burgundy glow and once at a time when life was very difficult I planted Mourning widow (still reminding me that life goes on and nothing is constant). So I guess it's also 'A garden of memories'.

These gouaches are about the plants and things in my garden but even more about the thoughts and feelings, dreams, reflections I have being out there.

So far......

When we bought this place a small meadow came with it, which I knew was going to be a garden.

1998-2011 (and growing on :) I hope)

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  1. Renilde I love this series of tributes to the gardens outside, and the even more beautiful gardens you carry inside your heart and mind! Lovely work.

  2. hi Renilde, wow..your garden has changed so much..its wonderful to be able to look back and see the changes, isnt it?

    love your loveing the whole garden series. they show just how beautiful your inner world..the inner you, is.

    sue xx

  3. al principio me ha extrañado que la figura de la mujer y el gato estuvieran tan en la esquina, pero después he entendido el porqué. es el jardín el protagonista!

    no se parece en nada pero he pensado en la paloma de magritte. enseguida ha venido volando.

  4. dear renilde, two tigers said it all!
    and i just love your inside and outside art-garden! xx julia

  5. Gathering memories, treasure plants, and garden baubles tag this place your own.

    Your garden is a dream come true, your garden is you. Colorful, alive and changing.

    Water, wisteria, rosebuds and birdies, hope is eternal.

    Great art! I love it here!

  6. What a great series! I just love the birds in the top image. And your garden is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Wow. That is so inspiring.

  7. Dearest Renilde, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
    I love your secret garden.
    I hope it grows with silver bells, and cockle shells, and Marigolds all in a row.


  8. i love your imaginative gouache memories so, so much, even when put together like so, but what really really hits me too, is that beautiful prose you have added. your memories in words.

    i love your (to me english felt) gardens, i can see why you lose yourself in there.
    and then to find yourself again, on paper.
    it is a most delicate circle.

  9. thank you so much for all your heartwarming and encouraging comments, you're too kind but i enjoyed them, xx