Sunday, February 1, 2015

dc the unexpected

because i was looking at a different horizon i didn't excpect to find dc time but i did :)

splashing some good old ink on paper

do i see a face there

or an elephant

a crocodile

hmm, back to the face, an a dragon  turns up too

 unexpected.... a girl on a swing?!

Joke presented us with an intriguing theme,
please go to her place and look the unexpected in the eye.



  1. Now that was unexpected..... a girl swinging on a dragon's arm...... and charming. Thanks for sharing the process from beginning to end, Renilde. Have a great week no matter what horizon you wake up to. xo

  2. Nice to see how you're playing with the lines with an unexcepted result.
    It reminds me of the (children's) game to recognize faces or animals in clouds:)

  3. Dear Renaldo,
    this is so very clever and poetic! Love your way to let flow the 'good old ink'. The first face makes me think at Jean Cocteau.
    Oh, you have been missed, too!
    Love, Ariane.

  4. Renilde! of course (my new pc will tell me something different ;-))

  5. Love it. The eyes tell everything in that face. It was fun for me to go back and see what you perhaps saw, once I viewed your artwork at the end of the post. A lark this was for me...a fun romp. So fluid are these lines Renilde! N, x

  6. Ha ha, that's so wonderful and unexpected. I love the way you evolved this painting Renilde. Such fun. x

  7. so nice and charming and clever!
    x Stefanie

  8. so generous of you, showing us your method, and how stunning you do see things in this that i do not, which is understandable, yet very surprising. and also so very you! lovely. n♥

  9. ;^))
    i like that first sentence
    yes, sometimes we look at the wrong horizon
    andi like your imagination!
    to see how you work

    bedankt voor je lieve commentaar
    maar omdat het er twee keer stond
    dacht ik 'ik verwijder er een'
    maar nu zijn ze allebei verdwenen ;^(((

  10. Fantastic that you dit find the time to take part. I love the way you showed an idea to work unexpected. It works always doesn't it? thank you for taking part.

  11. I love your experiements and what you made of it - a really unexpected result.
    Like the dragon / face combination.
    Have a nice week

  12. great idea and a beautiful painting! first I saw a wolfshead instead a crocodile!
    :-) mano

  13. I like very much in what playful manner you did find your unexpected way creating this funny drawing. I did that year ago dripping and smashing paint on canvas letting it run and that looked what I could find there. This is a very funny and unexpected way I liked that a lot and I guess you did it too with yours. Its fun if oneself is surprise by the unexpected result.
    : ) barbara bee

  14. Wonderfully unexpected, especially the dragon swing....

  15. I still see that dragon. a dragon and a lovely dragon whisperer. maybe they're friends. thank you for this turn!

  16. this is really unexpected ... so nice :)

  17. I so enjoy what you did for unexpected
    i also enjoyed watching the stages and your considerations.....
    really wonderful

  18. Well done- this was fun to see how it came into fruition :)

  19. Renilde!!! I love this! your free creativity, mixed to randomized of the ink! Excellent!!!