Friday, May 27, 2011

Drawing / Love

I've been sitting on my bench surrounded by Love-in-a- Mist (Nigella damascena).
Was there a better place to think about love ?

Thoughts came and went and so did lots of images.
Love and its many faces..
Love that we need to grow and blossom..
Love .... often a subject in my work but also in a way the reason why I draw and paint.
Love..... abstract, but there, because I can feel it.

quick sketch
the labyrinth of love

Where ever you are, I can feel your love.

Our lovely theme this time, hosted by Rachel over at  Hi Happy Panda.
Lots of love to all of you !
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  1. i love sitting in the garden with my Love and drawing him.


    hope you've been well, i wish you a beautiful weekend.

  2. Hello, dear Renilde,
    I hope there is a happy end for the parts of the heart in the first painting!
    I love, really love your second painting. Paris, town of love, mother earth and the couple. Love, yes.
    x Ariane.

  3. Hi! Coming over through Rachel from Hi Happy Panda.
    Love both of those, in particular the second one.
    Happy weekend!

  4. from love-in-the-mist through to the labyrinth (of love) to end up in space around the world... girl, go sit on that bench often!
    (eh, love-in-the-mist in the garden already?, and i am wondering if nigella seeds come from this flower, and damascena is the most beautiful name)....

  5. I wish I had a beautiful bench surrounded by flowers to sit amongst and ponder Love! But this is the next best thing, to have the image here, and also your new works, which give me the same peaceful feeling. I think Love is what drives us all as artists, in one way or another. It is really all there is, all we need.

  6. wow! love your artwork! and i'd sit on that bench and feel the sun on my face and the love in my heart, i wouldn't want to leave.

  7. Renilde, I would nap on that bench... for hours!
    Your final painting is so beautiful and speaks of a world that I believe or network of blogging friends feel a part of. Will this be in your shop? I'm going to take a peek.

  8. fijn, FIJN!
    de bloemen
    de tekeningen

    ik mis de challenge nu al
    maar heb helemaal geen tijd
    maar 't is fijn om bij jullie langs te komen!

  9. Hi Renilde. Love is indeed a beautiful feeling!

  10. Indeed, love travels to us all, its stage in the light bright universe. We are the puppets of love.

    Beauty art!

    Thank you!

  11. looks like a perfect spot. lovely sketches :)

  12. what a lovely spot! and your drawings are wonderful!

  13. Love the second drawing, feeling love where ever you are!
    I'm wordless with the bench picture, I would love to take a sit and just feel the breeze and the sounds around...... So inspiring!

  14. Thanks for all your lovely comments. You are welcome on my bench my dears, x

    Dear Rachel i should put some more prints in my shop,i keep postponing it, thanks for the nudge, i need one sometimes :) x

    Dear Nadine,nigella seeds are the seeds from antoher species of the Nigella genus; Nigella sativa. I never tried the seeds of damascena, they also are much smaller but i'll try them when they are ripe, x