Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to painting

Some soft days and the first butterfly were a sign to put table and chairs back outside, not that it is already that warm to sit there for long but in the middaysun it felt very nice and promising.(and I like the sight of it, ofcourse)
The house is quiet again and I started painting after nearly a fortnight not touching a pencil or brush.
Thoughts are tumbling through my head,fragments of conversations, stories, moments from the past days.
I feel rather tired but I got some work done . So here is another work in progress.

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  1. The man and the woman, they could have danced all night. The black and white of it, the color of it, life. The two legged's, the man and the crane, in light and darkness. Imagination.

    Beautiful art, simply beautiful.

    The second daughter want's to snag my print. No way!!! :)

    Blessings dear heart, love the painting!

  2. Oh Renilde, this is a lovely first work after some time away from your brushes! I am mesmerized by all the visual echoes - the nested doors and windows, the legs of man and bird, the dance within a dance within a dance...beautiful!

  3. I love your photo of your courtyard, you will enjoy your spring sitting there, and your art amazes me. You are so very talented.

  4. la primera imagen ha llevado al después?
    es que me gusta mucho la primera: idea, boceto o pintura final (para mí lo es)

  5. ahhh the power of such gentle love..tis so and your painting:-)

    thankyou for your lovely comment...tis always nice to see you..have a wonderful weekend sweet lady.


  6. pasaba a saludarte!
    te dejo un fuerte abrazo!

  7. dear renilde,
    so good an very inspiring to see you are back to painting! (i'm not...)
    as always i'm in love with your black/white one color work phase!
    big hug, julia

  8. Oh how sweet,thanks Wild Magnolia, enjoy it together :) x

    Dear Gabriella, thank you, only the first layers, still lot of work to do x

    Yes Marilyn, the prune blossom is slowly opening now, I surely will enjoy sitting there, x

    Camino gracias, you're not the only one who like the sketches better,quizá debido a su franquenza y senciller,x

    Green Whisper, xx and thanks.

    Bienvenida Allek.

    hello Julia,I just love to do these 'sketches' in colour, I'm wondering sometimes if I stay to close to the original sketch, maybe I have to look for a 'looser' approach when putting them in acrylics, asking oneself questions is a good thing, staying alert ;)thanks x