Sunday, July 11, 2010


A while ago I tried out acryl on canvas , I never used acryl paint before and i must say i liked it. Long ago when I was a student I did some oilpainting.  What i like about acryl ,it dries very quickly .Here are some pictures of one painting in several stages,there's a detail of this work at the sidebar .

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  1. This is incredible, I really love seeing all the stages!

  2. I like to use acrylic too although i haven't used it much recently. I've just bought some new canvases so it's my intention of getting back to acrylic soon! xx

  3. Seeing the stages of the painting is awesome.

    I try to "read" the painting. Life is art, art is life. The interweaving of two souls.....a hoop, a window pane or mirror. The two different shaped doorways. More that one life path....?

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for your reactions,they are appreciated ;and to you wild magnolia; relationships between man and woman often are an inspiration to me,the complexity of understanding eachother etc. I paint my vision or experience.What I like about visual art is the fact that it is universal,wherever you come from,no matter what language or age, everybody recognize a part of oneself in it or can make his own story and that's why beside a title,I don't like to explain my work because it is ment to be read (as you did) or just to enjoy.When I should do lots of explaining the room to make your own story would disappear.
    But it's great you took the time to take a good look,thank you x