Monday, May 17, 2010

Peonies and shaded lamps

Outside velvet peonies; rich,deep colours,ancient plant ,painted through all ages and used against nightmares
in the middle ages.But I want the rain to stop 'cause it makes those big ,lascivious flowerheads too heavy and
I want them to reach to the sun. Up till now the month of may is to cold. Clouds and days that are to dark make me put on the shaded lamps when I'm in the house. The garden gets greener and greener and there are all kinds of perfumes in the air, I love this time of the year but I could do with some more sunlight ......

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  1. what a pretty blog you have! and your paintings are wonderful! thanks for visiting! un beso-jane

  2. Thank you Jane,i enjoy your blog too,wonderfull photoos,x