Friday, March 6, 2015


I often make little sketches of images in my head,
i do this to safe them, to not forget them forever, small reminders.
Later some of these sketches  become larger, more detailed, more interesting gouaches.
But in this case i do like the sketch better, her expression, the form of his head,
but most of all it's in the position of her arm.
( more protecting in the sketch and essential!! but overlooked!!)
oh concentration where were you?

have a relaxing weekend ;)


  1. maar jij maakt nog werk
    ik kom niet veel verder dan lijstjes maken en
    minischetsjes met veel tekst

    verder vind ik net als jij
    de schets fijner
    de knik in haar pols
    en hoe ze kijkt
    ik hou van de snelle streken van je kwast
    ja, een hele mooie, die schets!

    en een heel fijn weekend

  2. sometimes we can not see these things until they are complete
    and we step back
    or until they are on the computer, something about being on the screen
    i know some artists who take photos of different stages and put them on the computer just for this reason.

    I enjoy seeing the sketch and the painting
    also taking to heart the points you are talking about
    such striking colors

  3. ha. i scrolled up and down between both to have a look at what you meant. inspiration is a funny thing, and indeed when caught and reproduced it may grow into something else as we go along. i really do not mind either, i find them both endearing. as always, renilde. the colours, ha. n♥

  4. your sketch is really beautiful, but I like the the painting too. it tells a story... very magical!
    when I make my art boxes, I give it many tries - perhaps I ought to take pictures of them. I would be very interesting. perhaps next time!
    have a nice week, mano
    and yes: your banner is great!!

  5. they are really two different pictures ... I do think that your sketch is more expressive here.