Saturday, February 7, 2015

dc gala dinner

this week, sweet  Katrin invited us to a gala dinner.

Mrs. Fox insisted on attending this event.
Well,i didn't mind.
She assured me she would get her outfit ready in time, and she did.

For the complete guestlist please take a look at Fischefrauen.

Whatever outfit you are wearing this weekend, have a good time.


  1. Oh wow...what a fantastic soulful fox...gorgeous detailed outfit...sublime! Thanks for adding magic to my day! Very beautiful and full of enchantment. I have an affinity for this spoke to my heart!
    Happy wkd!

  2. Really really nice Dress, dear Fox, but have you killed some geese for this feathers???
    Have an nice Weekend Renilde.

  3. WOW!!!! I like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations Renilde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this is gorgeous and so much fun too!

  5. oh, I like to dance with Mrs. Fox! Foxtrot! :-)
    Thanks for attending the gala dinner!

  6. Oh my goodness and yes to the max! Look at stylish Mrs Fox with her matching headband and purse. You don't think those are chicken feathers, do you? Of course not! Those are ethically sourced and responsibly harvested feathers. Mrs Fox is a modern woman of the world. :D Thank you for this lovely post Renilde. Hope you have the most marvellous weekend. X

  7. I too wonder where she got her feathers.... perhaps saving them up for some time for the perfect gala event! Mrs Fox is absolutely delightful!

  8. makes me wanna attend a good party in fox's dress and attire... your dress & attire, renilde! i love it, and i feel a charleston dance coming up! n♥

  9. Your stylish Mrs Fox is fabulous in her feather dress with matching accessories! She is definitely ready and waiting to dance, although she may be too full to eat. xo C

  10. such a wonderful foxy face and a beautiful dress!
    :-) mano

  11. I would go to a gala dinner too if I had a dress like that :)