Tuesday, October 2, 2012

roll up and keep(sake)


  1. que el hilo de la tela sea ligero, de movimiento fácil, de buena caída

  2. a picture says a thousand word
    xo Carole

  3. Dear Renilde! This is a wonderful painting
    As always, I like your expressive language!
    I love the mystery in the works of art, I love that there are cryptic details!

    And I want to say thank you very much for greeting me on my birthday! You are very kind! ♥

  4. my dear renilde,
    stunning that we both have shown our inner world/memories in our pictures!
    i even found out that i did, because of you
    and it seems like you want to let yours go in a good way??
    xx julia

  5. wow gorgeous artwork.
    You have such amazing ideas for your paintings that you express so well.
    I love it.

    Helen :)